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Snow Wolf M41A Pulse Rifle AEG - The Alien Gun in Tan

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Product Description



- 380 Fps With Hop "Off" (MAY Need Downgrading For Full-Auto)
- Working LED Ammo Counter
- Compatible With TM "Stubby" Thompson Magazines
- Movie Accurate Prop
- Working Safety + Adjustable Hop
- Collapsible "CQB" Stock
- Fully Upgradable Internals (If You Can Get At Them!)
- 240 Round High-Cap Included


As with most China-made weapons, the FPS on this is going to be a little hot for CQB use, You can
bring it down by changing the spring to a lower powered one (M90 would be ideal) or you MAY be
able to lower it a stronger hop-up unit. 



Designed by Armat Battlefield Systems, the M41 is a pulse action air cooled assault rifle capable of 
selective fire. It is chambered for 10x24mm Caseless ammunition and was mainly used by the 
united states colonial marines during the late 22nd century. It is most famous for its service against
the Xenomorph and the Yautja species. The weapon features an integrated ammo count, and a pump
action 30mm grenade launcher located under the barrel. 
This is a fantastic prop piece for anyone looking to put together an alien-themed marine costume, but
also makes a brilliant weapon to take skirmishing as it is not only instantly recognisable as the "gun 
from aliens" but is also completely unique - chances are nobody else on the field will be using one
allowing you to stand out from the crowd and be a little "unique"! 

Underneath all the fancy exterior, this is a simple snow wolf M1A1 Thompson (The real prop was made
on top of a Thompson SMG too). The weapon is completely functional enough to take skirmishing but 
does have some minor drawbacks - firstly the grenade launcher is non-functional, it serves as the 
battery compartment and as such wont fire anything. The pump can be manually racked foreword and
back for show, but serves no actual purpose aside from making you look scary to the aliens! Secondly, 
the ammo counter works, but counts down from 95 - this would be amazing if it weren't for the fact the
weapon comes with a 240 round magazine! you can choose to physically count 95 rounds into the Mag 
should you so wish for the extra realism, however this is a slight "faff". 
All the nit-picking aside, this is a great weapon for aliens fans and makes a fantastic rifle for someone
building a "unique" sci-fi load out, I have seen these used with boba-fett helmets and replica armour
and although this is from a totally different universe the two styles blend very well. being a Thompson
underneath  you cannot expect a mind-blowing ROF, however the fire rate is completely satisfying and
is not too slow to be a disadvantage. The accuracy of the weapon is actually incredible - it is extremely 
consistent and can easily make kills at 150ft (about 45 mt) with hardly any spread at all, the weapon
feels balanced in your hands and is surprisingly ergonomic. One thing to note is the lack of sights - I
will second a point made by a certain YouTube video and say that this is NOT a disadvantage, the lack
of sights give you a very large "trough" to aim down similar to that of a shotgun - the wider area allows
you to actually follow where your BB's are hitting and adjust your aim accordingly. 

All things considered, the weapon makes a fantastic field rifle - it is compatible with standard Thompson 
magazines (however longer ones will mean you can't use the base plate), this weapon WILL however work
with the TM style shorter Thompson magazines allowing you to carry more than one with you into a game.


Scale: 1:1 
Magazine: 240 Rounds "high-Cap" Style
Measured velocity:  380Fps (Hop On 0)
Hop-Up: Fully Adjustable
Fire mode: AEG
Barrel type: Metal Standard Bore
Battery:  Mini-Type Stick (8.4v)
Weight: 3900g
Length: 680-780mm 

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