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  • Cyma CM023 MP5 Airsoft gun in blue
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Cyma CM023 MP5 Airsoft gun in blue

£65.00 £38.95
(You save £26.05)
* I am over 18 years old:

Product Description

- A 30 Round Magazine AND A 110 Round High-Cap
- Working charging handle ( For a realistic reload )
- Full automatic fire AND single action fire 
- 250 FPS w/0.20 BB's
- 270/290 FPS w/0.12 BB's
- Flash Hider AND Silencer
- Red Dot sight (adjustable)
The CYMA CM-023 is a 1:1 Scale replica of the German made MP5, This Version is the tactical MP5, with retractable stock. The real version of this is commonly used by the police and the special forces due to its amazing maneuverability in a firefight.
The CM-023 lives up to the name of MP5 with a brilliantly detailed replica of the original gun, this is an electric gun which means all you need to do is charge the battery, load the mags and pull the trigger - this gun comes with a high-end rechargeable battery designed to last you for as long as you need in a skirmish!
This gun features something that is VERY rarely found on any AEG, even high-end ones. The CM-023 has a special type of magazine that is found in spring rifles - this means that the gun will fire ALL of the bullets in the mag, where most electric guns leave two or three loose when the mag is removed. This also means that the LOW CAP (and low cap only) magazine from this gun is interchangeable with the magazines from ANY CYMA Spring MP5 on the market!
Upon opening the box you will find the main weapon itself, TWO magazines (a low cap and a high-cap) a strap, a bag of starter BB's, A red dot 1.15x Zoom scope (actual DOT, not cross), a silencer - [The flash hider needs to be taken off for this to go on] the battery, safety manual and also a pair of safety glasses.
The gun is made from a VERY solid ABS anti shock plastic and thus has an amazingly tough feel to it, the main body is textured so as to feel like the real thing and has an exact replica of the real safety switch located on the left side, you get the choice of safe, semi-auto, and full auto fire with this gun making it brilliant for close quarters  but also for accurate shooting at a long range. this is a surprisingly weighty gun, something some people may say is a disadvantage BUT, when holding this in your hands the feel of it is just fantastic, the stock is fully adjustable and with the masses of parts included with it this gun can be changed and optimized for either CQB, or even DMR (marksman) roles! 
Even though most of this gun is made from plastic it does still manage to have a number of metal parts thrown in - the sling mount on the left of the gun is metal and is VERY sturdy, the internal barrel is polished metal allowing for some seriously accurate shots, also the front and rear sling mounts are a solid metal - this means you can have the gun slung up and on your back, run with it, and not worry about them breaking or coming loose! 
The final and most impressive metal feature on this gun is the charging handle, this is fully functional and can be pulled back, locked into place, and released just like the real thing - it is because of this feature, and the amazing accuracy and fire rate of this gun that it is considered one of THE BEST cheap CQB weapons available at the moment.
The magazine is held in VERY securely in this gun, in order to remove it you must push on the release catch located just in-front of the trigger guard, while pushing this you can then slide out the magazine, load it (preferably with a speed loader) re-insert it and your ready to fire! 
the safety switch prevents the trigger being pulled when the gun is on safe so you wont have to worry about any accidents when reloading or when you don't mean to shoot!
RANGE: 4/5
POWER: 3/5
FUN: 5/5 
This is personally one of my favorite guns, it is a perfect replica, brilliantly reliable and the attachments it comes with make it perfect for any situation! it has a brilliant fire rate and the size coupled with the weight make it a perfect CQB or indoor skirmish weapon,
I would recommend using EITHER 0.12G pellets (for range) or 0.20's (for accuracy) with this gun to get the most out of the gearbox, it can handle either type perfectly so the choice, ultimately, is up to you!



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  1. Very good item for the money 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 14th Apr 2018

    I'm very impressed by this rifle, very fast shooting and great fun. As a first rifle well worth the money.

  2. A good little gun 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 3rd Jan 2018

    I had this gun when first starting out in airsoft and it is a no nonsense little MP5, although I now have several higher powered and more accurate guns, I still revert to this for CQB sites as is perfect for legging it round corners and diving into tight spaces.

  3. THE BOSS 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th Nov 2013


  4. 5* 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 15th Sep 2012

    this gun is amazing i love it looks good if you take the tac rail off

  5. amazing 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 10th Sep 2012

    this gun is amazing for the price if you want a cheap gun i have 2 and both have not failed me recommend it to anyone.

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