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Army Armament R27 M1911 GBB Full Metal (Blue)

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Product Description

Army Armament R27 M1911 GBB Full Metal (Blue)

The MEU is based off the design of the original M1911, it has been the standard issue
sidearm for the "Force Recon" of the US Marines, In the late 1980's the colonel in 
charge of the marines came up with a set of specifications that would bring the classic
1911 up to modern standards and allow it to be used on the field without being outdated.
The 1911 was desired as a platform as it is one of the most hardy and long lasting pistols
ever made, this makes it IDEAL for use by marines who may be on operations where they
would be away from base for very long periods of time - meaning their weapons would not
be able to be repaired or maintained as often as other armed forces weapons might. 

Army Armament have created a fantastic all round pistol, while not as "modern" looking as 
something like a Glock, it is certainly more than capable of standing up to the punishment 
of any modern pistol would. The frame and slide are both full metal meaning this pistol is 
VERY sturdy, all the pins and securing parts are metal, and the internals are metal where they
need to be, and polymer where they need to be - this clever mix means that parts needing to
be lightweight and more shock absorbing are plastic, with parts needing to be sturdy being metal.
The 1911 style safety means the weapon will not fire unless you press down on the grip firmly,
this helps prevent accidental discharge of the weapon when it is holstered! 
The construction of this pistol is astounding for the price, it holds together just as well, if not 
better, than some of the more expensive models - The texturing on the grips feels very "well done"
and isn't cheap or tacky like you find on some models, Generally speaking this is a well made 
pistol through and through! 

1911's are a popular choice for pistols within airsoft, the external hammer means they CAN be more
prone to jamming, but this comes with a massive advantage over Glocks - you can physically see
that the weapon is cocked just by looking at it - if you notice the hammer is down then you instantly
know that the weapon is ready to fire and can be used whereas with a Glock it can be difficult to
see if the weapon is ready or not! There is nothing worse than pulling out your pistol only to hear
"click" as the enemy notices you and sprays you with plastic! Aftermarkets grips are available for
This weapon if you feel you prefer the classic wooden look - just ensure you match up the position
of the screw holes before you buy! 


- Full Metal Slide 
- Metal Frame
- Textured Grip Panels
- Fully Adjustable Hop-Up (Inside Slide)
- Around 300 Fps
- Rear and front Sights
- 26 round mag
- Semi-auto GBB
- Metal Build


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