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Vigor Thompson 8904A Spring M1A1 with Stick Mag in Blue


Product Description



- Younger-Player Friendly
- 330 Fps (0.12's)
- 25~30 Round Mag
- Single Shot 
- Heavy Weight 
- Full Working Safety
- Scope and Torch

Beginner Grade Weapon - Suitable for Garden Battles or Backyard Shooting


The 8904A is a spring powered ABS Thompson replica, with a torch and sight included (which seem to give
the weapon a "Fallout" look as it appears as if someone has scavenged a classic weapon and stuck on 
modern attachments) 
The variant of the Thompson this seems to be based on looks to be a mix of the military model (solid lower
handguard) with the "typewriter" or gang model barrel assembly. This, coupled with the rails, gives the weapon
somewhat of a unique look.

This is a very nice replica for such a low price, the weapon feels very nice in the hand and is actually very nicely
built - the body is solid, and the attachment points for the pistol grip, stock, and handguard all seem to have
been well made, they have no wobble and the weapon generally feels sturdy and reliable in hand. 
The bolt is very easy to pull back, but locks very securely in place meaning it is very easy to know when you
have pulled it back far enough to cock the weapon - the cocking mechanism also gives a very nice sound when 
cycled, which is always a bonus! 

The magazine release is the same as found on the real Thompson, as is the safety - this gives a nice bit of 
realism to the weapon, and also means that the user can get used to how the Thompson operates before buying
a more expensive IF/RIF for use as a primary in skirmishes. 
The Mag catch is a simple bar, that when pulled upwards, releases hold on the magazine, and the safety is a simple
rotating pin, which is VERY easy to use.

This weapon is ideally suited for backyard shooting, as it is surprisingly accurate for the price - this would make a great
gun for shooting paper or card targets as it has the power to put a BB through a piece of cardboard allowing you to see
where your shots have been hitting clearer than if the BB simply bounced off! Personally I would not recommend this rifle 
for any serious skirmish application, but as a humiliation weapon, or even as a backup it might prove itself
to be amusing to use!


Scale: 1:1 (Surprisingly Long)
Magazine: 25-30 Round Stick Type
Measured velocity:  330Fps 
Hop-Up: Pre set-up
Fire mode: Spring Action
Pull Strength: Weak/Easy


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