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Double Eagle M56b pump action shotgun 3 shot per pump

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Product Description

this is a replica pump action bb shot gun

its made by double eagle to a high standerd heavyweight and feels solid in your hands.

it fires 3 shots with one pump so it gives you real blasting power in close combat  battles.

the way that it is able to to fire 3 shots at once is by way of 3 internal metal barrels (its basicly like 3 guns in one).

so with 3 bbs coming at you at 310 fps you wont want to get hit by this bbgun's awesome power.

the mag is a fake shot gun shell that holds 30 pellets so you get 10 shots.

The pump action is a bit stiffer than the other airsoft shotguns due to the stronger spring.

the outer barrel and the cocking tube are made of metal and it has a Rubberised pistol grip.

we recommend 0.20g bb pellets with this gun 



+Magazine: 30 shotgun shell (TM Style)

+Power: 310fps

+Fire: 3 shots per pump

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  1. great gun, just very poor advertising. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 27th Nov 2013

    So, as it's winter, I was considering how reliable my gas pistol is going to be in those winter skirmishes, and came to the conclusion that I need a better back-up weapon for the cold...
    I would like to start with the fact that this is a very good weapon to hold, it is solid and has a good weight. It has quite good accuracy but I would not even think about aiming this weapon at over 25 meters away as the hop up doesn't spin up, it spins them outward, giving a large spread. This is good for multiple targets, but don't try and snipe anyone with this, lol.
    However, this site says that this weapon has a fire power of 310fps but the box supplied by double eagle, quotes "around 240 feet per second". Therefore, I may try and get a partial refund, as I have not been sold the weapon I paid for...
    Also the spring on this is very stiff, no problem for me as I am a regular archer, but for some people this might be difficult, but to be honest not many 18 year old should be weaker than this, and this should not be used by a child, so no problem unless you're planning to commit a crime and buy this if you're a child...

  2. Fantastic 3-Pellet Shotgun!!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 20th Jun 2013

    Wow, this is an amazing shotgun. My son was looking specifically for a 3-pellet shotgun, as that's the idea of a shotgun, right? - It fires more than one pellet at a time!!

    I actually have the M56C, which comes with the tactical stock, but otherwise is the same gun.

    This shotgun feels amazing to hold, with a good weight to it and a lovely rubberised feel to the grip.

    The power if this thing is amazing, and it can shoot all three pellets a long way and very straight! However, that does come with a price - The spring is very strong in this gun and pumping this thing can be a struggle, especially for my son (12yrs old). Even my arm starts to ache after a few rounds in quick succession. Bear this in mind if you are thinking about getting this shotgun.

    There are a couple of different versions of the M56 shotgun, the only differences being the stock. There is also a longer-barreled version (The M56DL). Look at the different versions and decide which you would prefer.

    The build quality on this gun is brilliant and it feels like it really is built to last and will take a fair bit of abuse.

    You only get one cartridge with this shotgun, and I found it hard to find additional cartridges in stock anywhere (eventually found some, so ordered 6 additional). Each cartridge holds 30 bb's. but as you fire 3 at a time, that is only 10 shots before you are out of ammo. If you are looking to get this shotgun, think about getting additional cartridges too.

    It is technically possible to double-pump and load 6 bb's (2 in each barallel), but doing so significantly reduces the range, accuracy and power, so isn't recommended.

    Also, the tactical stock on the M56C can "slip" back to a shorter notch if you press too hard against it (e.g. when pumping the gun). However, on a positive note, the tactical stock can twist 90 degrees and is sprung-loaded - this is to aid ejection and loading of the cartridges when in use, so is a great feature (although possibly only useful for right-handed people!).

    The strap is fairly good quality, and the buckles seem to be of better quality than my DE AEG's (M83 & M85).

    As an added bonus, this gun comes with a free speed loader (extremely useful for loading the cartridges) - This would be worth around £4 to £5 if bought separately.

    Overall, I highly recommend this shotgun (as long as you are prepared for the hard pumping action).

    I give it a full 10/10.

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