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AGM STEN MKII Electric Airsoft BB Gun in full metal


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Product Description

Featuring FULLY Automatic Shooting Mode

Full Metal airsoft replica of WWII British Submachine Gun
Magazine accommodate 50 Rounds of 6mm plastic BB
This AEG can shoot out 310FPS muzzle power nicely out from the package!!
Included Li-Po Rechargeable Battery which can stock into gun body
Package with Fast Charger 

AGM Sten Mk-II Airsoft Electric SMG (058)
-- Full Metal Constructed
-- Fully Automatic Shooting Mode
-- WWII British Submachine Gun

- Full Metal Body & Magazine
- AEG Electric Powered High Torque Motor
- Hop-Up
- Heavy Weight
- Adjustable Magazine Location

In The Box:
- Start Pack of BBz
- Cleaning Rod
- Spead Loader
- 3 Pin UK Charger
- Rechargable Battery
- AGM MKII British WW2 Sten AEG Rifle (Full Metal)

below is a user review of this gun..

"Here is a quick look at the AGM Sten Mk II, Version 2. This has been
available in the UK for the past week or so. The Version 1 became available
back in July. The main difference between the Version 1 and the Version 2
is that the Version 2 now has an adjustable hop mechanism which is accessed
by rotating the magazine housing to its transport position. You now have an
aperture there to enable you to use a small Allen key to adjust an Allen
screw and thereby adjust your hop up and down.

Additionally, whereas the Version 1 was powered by a LiPo battery mounted
behind the gearbox in the receiver, you now have the option via an enlarged
stock tube with the Version 2 to take a NiMH stick battery. The battery
supplied is 8.4 volts, 1100 milliamp-hours, in my case; other peoples may

It gives an OK rate of fire and I'm told that these enlarged stocks will
hopefully be made available for sale on their own so that owners of the
Version 1 gun can buy one and then have the option of using stick batteries
instead of lithium polymer. Rate of fire, as I said, is OK, Nothing
fantastic. Here we are, quite reasonable I think.

Given that there are no high-cap magazines available, only these standard
metal, low-cap that ships with the weapon and the King Arms plastic mid-
caps at 110 rounds. I don't think a high rate of fire is actually desirable
when using non-high cap magazines. It just means you've got to either carry
more mags or you're going to be bombing up in the middle of a game, which
can get quite frantic. Standards obviously slot right and no problem.

The King Arms plastic mid-caps however, are a little bit firmer and require
a bit of a thump. That's actually not as bad as it was when I first bought
the weapon because I found that that screw on the magazine release catch
was actually slightly too long. I Dremel'd off 2 or 3 threads off the end
of it, as it was actually bottoming out before the spring was fully
compressed. It's actually not as bad as it was although it does require a
bit of a thump to get the plastic mags on.

It seems pretty solidly made. I've gone around Loctite'd up various screws,
Loctite'd the heat-guard on here as it was just a push fit secured by a
screw there. The barrel unscrewed, I've used some fairly firm Loctite on
that as well. Reprofiled the foresight because it had that god awful, flat,
broad, foresight blade which the real thing isn't like at all.

Other than that, it's painted rather than parkerized or oil dunked as was
the real thing. The paint seems reasonably good, better than on the MP40,
that's for sure. I won't be doing anything to it. I've seen some people
speak of taking it back to bare metal and either chemically blackening or
trying to blue. I won't be bothering until it starts getting really tatty.
We'll just see how it goes.

I will say, in addition to Loctite'ing various screws where possible, take
the hop right back off and give the barrel a damn good clean. I went
through quite a few pieces of flannelette before it even started to look
even vaguely reasonable. There was a lot of paint dust in there.

Anything else I can say? Not an awful lot. It does have a removable plastic
muzzle cap. I would assume that's there so that an orange one could be
fitted for the U.S. market quite easily. It does detract slightly from the
appearance, but nothing overly bad. Other than that, pretty

Ah, yes. I did take a magnet to it and the vast majority of this is steel.
It is magnetic. The tube itself here isn't; that appears to be alloy. The
back, the T-piece is steel. That's steel, that's steel, most of the
receiver is steel. Very few bits are not magnetic which surprised me. I
thought it was going to be a lot of pot-metal. OK."

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