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Chiappa Lady K Blank Firing Gun 8mm in Blue

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The Lady K blank gun made by chiappa firearms of italy who have been making guns since 1958, whose manufacturing process begins with the design of the 3D model followed by prototypes and then the transfer of data to CNC machine for production.

The chiappa Lady K is an 8mm blank firing pistol that has a blue colour top slide to comply with UK law.

The pistol is perfect for collectors, dog training or other activities such as bird scaring and athletics as a starting pistol.

The pistol has a capacity of 6 rounds and is made to an exceptionally high full metal standard ensuring a long working life.

the blank gun comes complete with its own hard case with foam padding for transporting, and a small instruction leaflet, but it does not come with any tester blanks, so you will need to buy some separately


Type of Gun: Semi-Auto
Caliber: 8MM K
Action: Semi-Auto
Feeding: Magazine
Trigger System: Single
Grips: Black
Front Sight: Fixed
Rear Sight: Standard
Safety: Manual
Weight: 1.17 lbs
Length: 6.2"
Finish: Black/blue


Chiappa Firearms' Signal and Blank shooters are perfect for collectors, prop houses or anyone who enjoys classic handguns when laws or conditions do not sanction functional firearms.

Based on some of the most classic pistol designs, including the 1911, Beretta® 92, CZ® 75, the Colt® Python among others, these blank firing guns are made of full metal and shoot blanks and are made to look like real originals.


IMPORTANT Blank Firers Usage & Safety Information

The carrying or handling of any Blank Firing Gun in a public area is against the law and very dangerous.

Blank Firing Guns are designed to fire only blank ammunition. The correct calibre of blank ammunition should be listed on the gun and/or the documentation with the gun. Only use the correct blank ammunition as attempting to fire blank guns with the incorrect ammunition can cause serious injury.

None of the Blank Firing Guns we sell can fire real ammunition, and none can be converted too. All our blank firers we sell are top or side venting and include permanent barrel inclusions to block any tries to tamper with their correct function.

Do not attempt to load or fire real ammunition as it could course the user serious injury. Trying to alter a blank gun to take real ammunition is illegal.

To avoid malfunction, keep your blank firing gun cleaned and lightly lubricated.

Always make sure the blank gun is unloaded before trying to clean it. Avoid unnecessary dry-firing as this may cause damage.
Always make sure you and those around you wear eye & hearing protection while firing it.

When firing this gun, always keep your arm fully stretched as gas/powder from the firing of the blank exits the gun from ports or the slide/cylinder area rather than the muzzle of the barrel of the blank gun.

You must keep your hands, face, and any other part of the body away from the cylinder and top of the blank gun when firing. Do not put near your own head, face or any part of your body when firing or next to any other person's head, face or body or indeed any animal's

When a blank is fired, gas and debris are discharged from the cylinder/slide. At arm’s length, the vented material discharges harmlessly, But At close range, the venting can cause burns or serious injury.

Blank guns should only be used for theatrical, film, historical re-enactment, sporting or training purposes.

Blank guns should always be used by responsible adults and not children under 18 years old.

Blank firing replica guns should always be stored in a locked container and separate from the gun's ammunition.

Blank guns should never be carried on the street, pointed at anyone, hidden on your person, or left in your car. Do not leave them where children can get to them.

The carrying, handling, or brandishing of any gun that looks like a real weapon may be in infringement of the law, may create undue apprehension on the part of the police or other parties and could result in injury or death to the person handling the model.

The manufacturer, distributor, and retailer disclaim any and all liability for the inappropriate use of these blank firing guns.

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