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Blackviper MP7 AEG Electric Rifle

£129.95 £79.95
(You save £50.00)
* I am over 18 years old:

Product Description




- UP TO 280FPS (.2's) [Around average for a pistol]
- 20/30 Round Magazine (To be confirmed)
- Flip-Up front and rear iron sights
- Metal Barrel 
- Full Working Safety
- Fully ambidextrous


New from Blackviper we have their take on the MP7 PDW - made by HK to be a personal defence weapon for all areas,
covering military use, special forces or even law enforcing application, with the specific requirement of being able to 
pierce body armour, this uses a higher calibre bullet than the earlier MP5, or any typical law enforcement pistol meets 
the requirement perfectly. 

Currently in use with the MOD Police, and having seen time in Afghanistan with the armed forces - it is clear to see 
that the design of the MP7 makes it incredibly desirable and clearly very useful! 

The main appeal of the MP7 is its ability to be used as a single shot pistol when the stock and grip are folded in, even 
allowing it to be carried in specially made holsters either on the leg or chest - similar to how an officer or solider would
carry his normal pistol, this allows for him to be carrying something that is not MUCH bigger than an ordinary pistol but
that still packs the same penetrative power or something like a UMP-45. 
Couple this with the ability to suddenly extend the grip and stock, and flip up the sights from pistol to rifle means you 
can effectively have a weapon that not only serves as a pistol, but as what is essentially a sub-machine gun. 

Blackviper have done a great job with their replica, the dimensions are very true to the original (as they would be, 
considering this is a TM Clone) All of the (External) parts that are metal on the real weapon are typically metal on the
Blackviper replica, couple this with the INCERDIBLE build quality, this gives the weapon a very nice and realistic feel when
held - the three RIS sections on the 9:00, 12:00, and 3:00 of the weapon give you a wide range of freedom with choice
of attachments - the weapon works well with a red-dot sight on the top rail, and some form of torch or laser on the sides. 
The pistol grip includes two textured panels front and back to help improve your hold on the weapon - something VERY
useful if you are looking to shoot this one-handed. 

Because of the folding stock and flip-up sights, this makes a great weapon to carry as a backup instead of a pistol, it could 
be folded up and clipped onto your belt while using your primary weapon - But then if you encounter an issue with your main 
weapon you could switch very rapidly to this, and unfold it if necessary giving you a second primary (OR, leave it compact and 
you have an accurate, fully automatic pistol) 
Because of this versatility this makes an incredible scout role weapon, or as a backup for a sniper - because a sniper
cannot engage targets at close range, he/she needs something that will compliment the sniper rifle - a pistol is commonplace
but having only single shot can sometimes be a drawback - especially if the enemy are surrounding him/her,
Hence why the MP7 is so useful. 

(The magazine includes an extended follower and will feed to the last shot - useful when using something with lower capacity)

As this is a TM clone, it will take TM magazines (and all similar) with no issues at all.

We sell a great cheap laser sight module that fits this gun and works great here.

Spare Mid-Cap available here: [MP7 mag]


Scale: 1:1 
Magazine: 20/30 Round Mag (Takes Extended Magazines)
Length: 630mm -> 415mm
Gearbox Type: Metal Unique
Battery Type: 7.2v AEP Style
Measured velocity:  Up To 280Fps 
Hop-Up: Adjustable 
Fire mode: Electric Full/Semi
Barrel type: Metal 




Product Reviews

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  1. Compact Firepower 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 27th Feb 2016

    Great alternative to a pistol especially for a sniper, very compact with stock withdrawn. For a mostly plastic bodied gun it's pretty heavy, definitely heavier than the bigger G36 by Blackviper. So it must have plenty of metal in there somewhere. Lo-cap mags but pretty small so easy to carry spares. Comes with pistol sights which then flip up when in rifle mode with the stock extended, which is very handy if you want to switch from side arm to skirmish mode quickly.
    Comes with large top rail, not sure you would ever want a scope on this weapon though, and two more useful side rails.
    Also fitted with front folding grip. Battery fitting is neat with no fiddling with a connector as it just plugs in.
    All in all I don't think you will be disappointed with this BLACKVIPER MP7 for the price.

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