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Army Armament R901 Steyr Aug BB Gun in Blue

£179.95 £114.95
(You save £65.00)
* I am over 18 years old:

Product Description



- Around 360 Fps
- 330 Round Magazine
- Metal /ABS
- Metal V3 Gearbox
- Working Safety
- Fully Adjustable Hop-Up
- Quick Change Spring System
- Carry Handle/Railed Receiver 
- Semi-Auto / Full-Auto (Fire Selector Progressive Trigger)



The STEYR AUG is an Austrian 5.56mm Bullpup rifle, designed in the 1960's it's modern
appearance and general practicality and innovative design have made it an extremely 
desirable weapon - it can be found in service in a number of countries within militaries, 
special forces, and even sport shooting.
The AUG is an incredibly practical weapon, by using the bullpup design even in its smallest
configuration the barrel is longer than you might expect - this allows for an INCREDIBLY 
accurate weapon without the issues caused by having to lug around a long or impractical 
rifle. The body of the real weapon is made from a high impact polymer that is lightweight
yet incredibly strong, this is also resistant to corrosion and does not conduct heat in the same
way a metal body would - making this a very resilient weapon for use in very cold climates. 

APS have recently stepped up their game with a range of newer (and better) weapons complete 
with much more reliable internals, some players will still insist APS are a brand to avoid but this 
is not the case! Being a relatively new company within airsoft it is only natural for some of their
initial designs to have some "bugs", It is very clear to see they have taken on board suggestions
given by players themselves and have created a range of weapons that are IDEAL for the airsoft
Before I speak about the body or internals, I must point out that this is an INCREDIBLY accurate
rifle, to the point of which it could easily be used as a sniper/DMR. The barrel length on this rifle
is HUGE, and when you couple this with a good setting on your hop-up you will be able to make
shots at ranges carbines would not be able to hit. 

This version of the AUG comes with a railed upper receiver reminiscent of the "A2" model, this allows
you to make use of any sights you have at home giving the weapon a degree of customisability not
found on the scoped models, it makes the weapon more convenient for use in a range of situations
allowing for a red-dot for close range, or even a full power scope for a DMR role. Normally AUG's with
the classic fore end (Integrated scope and folding grip) would not support any rails, APS have created a
unique blend of classic and modern with this version of the AUG - They have included rails set along the 
slant of the rifles body giving you four sections to mount lasers, torches, or whatever else you see fit!
The fore-end of this weapon is fully removable and strips in the same way as the real thing allowing 
you to swap barrel lengths (you can get a shorter, carbine style barrel for this rifle) Due to the fact
the fore-section can also remove as one piece it is also possible to swap out the entire front end to
a modernised version allowing for some serious customisation later down the line! 
As you may expect from such a nice looking rifle, the externals are of top quality - the body is SOLID
and feels amazing, the grip is ever so slightly shaped to differ from the normal AUG giving a more 
"ergo" angle on the rear, also - the section that makes up the stock (gearbox housing) is surprisingly
tough considering it has to be thin to fit the internals in! 
ALL of the parts that would be metal on the real weapon are metal on this replica - the front section is
incredibly weighty and feels fantastic - no wobble or give AT ALL in any of the components, which is
quite amazing considering the fact the fore-end can be removed by the push of a single button!  
The rifle performs well and shoots just as you would expect, however on an 8.4V the fire rate is a little 
slow, to make the most out of the weapon be sure to use a 9.6! (Note, the gearbox has a quick-change
spring system which will allow you to lower the FPS to sub 350 for auto use without taking the box apart)


Scale: 1:1
Magazine: 330 Rounds "high-Cap" Style
Measured velocity:  Quoted 400 Fps (DMR STANDARD, Quick-Change System To Lower FPS!)
Hop-Up: Fully Adjustable
Fire mode: AEG
Barrel type: 6.08mm Standard Bore
Battery & Charger:  Both Not included  (Mini-Type  8.4v - 9.6v Recommended) 
Weight: 4kg 
Length: 800mm

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